We work to increase and improve philanthropic investing in global governance by mapping the sector, conducting research, and creating opportunities for grant-makers and potential donors to come together and learn.

We invite all philanthropies, big and small, to consider how their investing strategies relate to the needs of global governance reform.

On climate: How can advocacy be successful in the absence of enforcement?

On oceans: How can cleanups succeed without interventions upstream?

On refugees: How can tens of millions of people remain stateless for years?

On financial systems: How can we have national sovereignty if bad actors take financial resources offshore without consequences?

On culture:  How can we conserve local traditions in a global culture?

All issues are connected, yet the systems for addressing them are not.   In the face of our global democratic deficit we have an accountability vacuum.  Institutional reforms are needed as well as innovation, both top down and bottom up.

How? We exist to help answer this question, at scale.