List of Amazon Rainforest Investors and Intermediaries

As a central resource for climate change mitigation and the global water cycle, the Amazon rainforest is vital for planetary sustainability. Toward this end, we have conducted research to help develop a network of investors and allies.

Investing in Amazon Rainforest Conservation, Published April 21, 2020 on Mongabay

Partial list of Amazon rainforest sustainabilty investors and intermediaries
(Please note that inclusion in this list does not indicate an endorsement of the GGPN.)

&Green Fund
12 Tree Finance
Alimi Impact Ventures
Athelia Biodiversity Fund Brazil
Carana Corporation
Earth Innovation Institute
EcoAgriculture Partners
EcoEnterprises Fund
Encourage Capital Mangue Strategy
Famfit Fund
Fondo Accion
Forestry and Climate Change Fund
Global Canopy
Global Environment Fund
Greenwood Resources
Kaete Investments
LXG Reforestry Fund
Marfrig Sustainable Beef Bond
Nespresso Sustainability Innovation Fund
Nia Tero
Partnership for Forests
Permian Global
Responsible Commodities Facility
Root Capital
Terra Global Partners
Urapi Sustainable Land Use